Durde Tahe Waqt

Remains of Time Author: Khalid Rauf Qureshi

A manuscript consisting of various genres Urdu poetry comprising of Ghazals and numerous types of modern and conservative Nazams.


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‘Durd-e-Tahe-Waqt’ is an exceptional collection, consisting of various genres in Urdu poetry, including Ghazal and different types of modern and conservative Nazam.
First published in 2008, this book consists of eighty-five poems, spread over 205 pages.
The dominant themes of these poems include romance, politics, and socioeconomic topics; providing the reader with a glance at the Pakistan-Indian North American culture.
These poems drive you through an emotional journey of love, longing, hope, despair, and repentance. The concept of Time running out fast and life being short is poetically projected.
The foreword is written by the legendary, world-famous scholar and poet; Prof. Dr. Satya Pal Anand, Ph.D.


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