Dil Ki Dehliz Par Gulab

A Rose at the Threshold of my Heart Author: Khalid Rauf Qureshi

A manuscript consisting of various genres Urdu poetry comprising of Ghazals and numerous types of modern and conservative Nazams.


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Recipient of the Pakistan Writers Guild Literary Award, ‘Dil Ki Dehliz Par Gulab’ is a collection of Urdu poetry, containing various genres of modern and conservative Nazam and Ghazal. First published in 2012, this book consists of eighty-five poems; fifty-five Ghazals and forty-seven Nazams, spread over 250 pages.
The dominant theme of these poems is romance but occasionally crosses over to politics and socio-economic topics, directly related to our everyday life experiences. This type of poetry provides the reader with an in-depth look into the Pakistani-Indian and North American cultural values and issues.
These poems will sweep you away on an exciting and emotional flight of love, longing, hope, despair, and imagination.
The foreword is written by the internationally recognized master of Rubaiyat, Prof. Mamun Aiman. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Urdu literary activities in North America. An additional technical review, on the Nazam section, is written by Mr. Shahid Shedai, Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine ‘Qaghzi Perahan’.


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