Chaon Chaon Chalo

Walk in the Shade Author: Khalid Rauf Qureshi

A manuscript consisting of various genres Urdu poetry comprising of Ghazals and numerous types of modern and conservative Nazams.


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‘Chaon Chaon Chalo’ is a collection of Urdu poetry, comprising of various genres in modern and conservative Nazam and Ghazal.
First published in 2010, this book consists of eighty-five poems spread over 183 pages.
The dominant theme of these poems is romance but covers several other topics related to everyday politics and socio-economic matters. It provides the reader with an insight into the Pakistani-Indian and North American cultures.
These poems will take you on a sentimental and highly emotional trip, through sensitive experiences of love, longing, hate, revenge, hope, and despair.
The foreword is written by the world-famous poet Prof. Mohsin Ehsan; and the famous Urdu poetess, actor, conductor, and performer; Bushra Farrukh.


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