Ik Arzoo Ka Phool

A Flower of Desire Author: Khalid Rauf Qureshi

A book of Urdu poetry thatencompassesnumerous genres, including Ghazal and Nazam.


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‘Ik Arzoo Ka Phool’ is a book of Urdu poetry that encompasses several genres, in Nazam and Ghazal, presented in the most sensitive manner. First published in 2004, this collection consists of eighty poems spread over 186 pages.
The dominant themes, incorporated in the composition of these poems are purely romantic, but also relate to socio-political, and socio-economic issues, affecting society.
With these poems, you will embark upon an experience of love, longing, hope, and heart-wrenching despair, that may very closely relate to your personal memories.
The forewords are written by famous and well-known Urdu poets; Prof. Nisar Salik and Prof. Aitebar Sajid.


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